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Taste, pleasure and sustainability - how do they go together? Very well in fact! Because we are convinced that if we act sustainably today, we can enjoy tomorrow together. For us, this also means actively taking responsibility for the environment and society. We are engaged in the sustainable protection of resources so that we can offer future generations natural products of the highest quality in an environment worth living in. In addition, we are committed to all those who work for us and whom we inspire every day with our juices. And even if we are not perfect yet, we are working on getting a little better every day.

These are our commitments:

Planet and Enviroment

Sustainable Juice

We pledge to offer our entire "100% sustainable" juice range by 2030 at the latest

At granini, we have committed ourselves to ensuring sustainability – along the supply chain to fruit cultivation. We therefore work intensively with our suppliers to promote and ensure sustainable fruit cultivation through further development, training and auditing of farms and farmers. By taking this step, we are supporting the protection of natural resources in the growing regions. We also ensure that everyone involved in the production of our products is treated with care, respect and fairness. We are proud that, since 2019, all our oranges are from sustainable agriculture, which means that the orange plantations meet the ecological, economic and social sustainability standards, as laid down in the Sustainable Juice Covenant (SJC). Of course, we are now working further to make this possible for all fruits.

Climate Protection

We are setting a clear signal

Climate change is already causing considerable changes in the weather today. This development could have a significant impact on agricultural productivity in the future. As a leading European juice brand, we want to send a clear signal in this regard – by offsetting 100% of our net CO2 emissions. To achieve that ambitious goal, we are reducing and offsetting net CO2 emissions generated in production and logistics of our products.

In Germany, for example, we have switched in 2017 to 100% energy from renewable resources, such as wind and solar power. As of January 1, 2021, all our subsidiaries throughout Europe are operating climate neutrally.


We are 100% recyclable

The high proportion of plastic waste has a negative impact on our ecosystem. It is our concern to actively counteract this effect. Today, 100 % of our PET bottles are already recyclable. By using new technologies and more environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, we are continuously working to further improve recycling management and consistently reduce waste volumes. Since 2020, all our granini PET bottles also contain rPET.

People and Society

Social Responsibility

We are committed to people

We are fully engaged to good and pleasant living conditions, especially in the immediate neighborhood of our locations and employees.


We grow with our employees

With their passion, ideas and commitment, our employees make a significant contribution to the success of granini. They are also the ones who ensure that all our sustainability efforts are actively implemented and lived every day. We cultivate a work culture that supports change, meets the needs of our teams and provides room for personal and professional growth.


We support a balanced diet

More and more people around the world are striving for a healthier lifestyle. A balanced diet is an integral part of this. Our focus is on naturalness and the constant reduction of calories as far as possible. Promoting a healthy and conscious diet is therefore also an important concern for us. With our constantly evolving product concepts, scientific research and educational initiatives, we at granini aim to help consumers balance their diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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