Discover granini

A brand to rely on

Whenever you see a product with our granini logo on it, you can be sure it has been made with all the expertise and dedication of our employees and suppliers around the world to match the highest of quality standards.

You may think of each of the dimples on our iconic bottles as representing one of the many good reasons why so many people prefer granini over other brands. Here are our four main principles underlying the granini best fruit promise:

Only the best

Not every type of fruit makes it into granini juice. Find out about our strict selection standards.

Fruits come in many varieties. Some types and species are nice to look at; some are delicious to eat. But only a small portion, however, will yield the perfect juice, such as the tastiest peaches from Spain, Italy or Greece, smooth Cayenne Pineapples from Thailand, Pink Grapefruit from South Africa or the Williams Christ Pear, to name a few. These are the ones we pick for granini.

We never buy cheap fruit from spot markets, but solely source the fruit for our juices from reliable partners, many of which we have long-standing relationships with. Additionally, we have all of them audited by independent quality institutes on a regular basis. We thoroughly inspect each individual harvest to guarantee our superior quality standards. And it is not until a given lot of fruit has passed the full set of our rigorous sensorial, ingredient and microbiological tests that it may be called “granini fruit”.

Innovating for quality

There is more to our juices than the very best of fruit.

At granini we invest as well in outstanding raw materials as in the ideas and technology to bring out the best. With our focus on fruit, our ambition to improve the quality of each and every product as well as our determination and capacity to engage in fundamental research, we have always seen ourselves at the forefront of technological progress, which – in our belief – is the only way to guarantee top quality in the long run.

Great care for quality

As early as the 1950s, we developed new methods for gentle fruit processing and juice production. In the early 1960s, we pioneered the cultivation of oranges in Brazil, helping the country to make fruit one of its most important export goods. In the 1970s, we became leaders in the stabilisation of vitamins in fruit juices.