The granini history


1965 a brand is born

Inspired by the Italian lifestyle and the country’s juices, Heinz Schürmann, an importer of Italian fine foods, brings a taste of “la dolce vita” to Germany, calling his orange juice “granini Trinkfrucht” (fruit to drink).

1969 designing an icon

With its new exceptional bottle, granini creates a unique trademark. Transparent and dimpled, it clearly makes granini unmistakable.


1970s  exploring new territories

The first market outside Germany for granini is Austria. In 1978 granini enters Switzerland.

1974 the brand of a nation

granini is appointed official supplier to the German football team, which is to win the FIFA World Cup in Germany the same year. No wonder the brand is known by 95% of the Germans!

1975 granini appears on tv

For the first time, the brand is promoted by TV commercials on the two largest national channels in Germany.


1980s granini launched in European markets

granini is launched in Spain in 1986, where today it is the market leader. By the end of the decade, the brand is available in 16 countries.


1999 Preparing for a new millennium

With a range of “spritzers” called “Frucht Schorle” (later renamed “Frucht Prickler”), granini becomes the first nationwide German brand offering fruit juices mixed with sparkling water, adding a new offer to the segment of fruit-based beverages.


2002 an eco-friendly bottle innovation

Following a successful launch in Switzerland, the new PET bottle is introduced in succession of other markets. The iconic shape of the bottle, however, remains unchanged.

2006 Romania gets started

The launch in Romania gives granini a promising start in Eastern Europe.


New taste sensations

Year after year, we are passionate in creating the best juice out of the best fruit for you. We never stop searching for new taste sensations and experiences and are constantly refining our techniques. In 2010, just to name an example, we introduced the ultra-fine processing of fruit pulp, resulting in a completely new type of juice a smoother mouth-feel and richer flavor. A true taste sensation to be discovered.


50 years young

2015 has been a very special year for granini celebrating its 50ies birthday: 50 years of fruitful enjoyment, years full of ideas, years full of taste and experience... and years full of passion:
granini – best fruit.


granini - best of fruit

With an extraordinarily fruitiness, superior taste and premium quality - in the eye-catching and unique dimpled bottle - granini pleases consumers in over 50 countries day after day. And we never stop searching for new taste sensations and fruity experiences.